Hello everybody! I met folks from Maneno yesterday, and got to know the project better. I always thought it would be cool to blog from Niassa, where I go frequently to work with small farmers groups. But as I have a blog specifically about East Timor, I never found a place to “park” my thoughts.

While I’m in Niassa this time around, I am going to see if there is time to promote the use of this platform which seems so right for the African context.

Oh yeah! And the name of this blog comes from the fact that, every time I go around Niassa, on the open road, we always come across recently hunted wild boar (javali) on the side of the road (sometimes it is smoked). My friends in Niassa (those who are not observing Muslims and eat boar) think I’m really good luck.

Ok, I’ll be blogging here during the month of November.

See you!