I always thought it would be cool to blog from Niassa, where I used to go frequently to work with small farmers groups. But as I have a blog specifically about East Timor, I never found a place to “park” my thoughts.

Oh yeah! And the name of this blog comes from the fact that, every time I went around Niassa, on the open road, we always came across recently hunted wild boar (javali) on the side of the road (sometimes it is smoked). My friends in Niassa (those who are not observing Muslims and eat boar) think I’m really good luck.

Tell me how you like my wild boar emoticon


I blogged here on and off until July 2011 about Niassa. Incidentally, the only other accomplished blogger in the province appears to be the 80+ Bishop of Lichinga.

Life brought me to the capital city, Maputo, where I was based from October to December 2011. Not too many wild boar around! Recorded some of my observations during that time.

Back in London now, still dreaming of a long trip up north again, by land.

Thanks for the visit